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Proactive Wealth Management Strategies

Crafting Your Personalized Financial Map

Crafting Your Personalized Financial Map

Our journey with you begins with an extensive exploration of your family's specific needs, aspirations, and goals. This crucial step allows us to design a customized financial roadmap specifically tailored for your unique financial journey.

Creating Your Roadmap

You have needs, wants and wishes that are distinct, but interconnected. Needs are essential requirements for survival and well-being, such as food, shelter and healthcare. Wants are things that may not be necessary for survival but can enhance your quality of life, such as a new car or vacation. Wishes are aspirations and dreams, such as retiring early or starting a business.

<span>Financial Success Measured By Goal Progress</span>

At Farpointe, we work collaboratively with you to develop a comprehensive plan that frames your future goals in terms of addressing your needs, identifying and satisfying your wants and helping you realize your wishes.

We understand that your needs, wants and wishes are connected. Using a Monte Carlo simulation, we stress test your current situation against your aspirations to determine the probability of reaching your goals in your desired time frame. This helps us create a roadmap.

Financial Success Measured by Goal Progress

Once we create your roadmap, it's the benchmark we measure your progress against. We revisit your roadmap frequently to make sure that your Farpointe Journey remains on track and evolves—even when your circumstances change.

Harmonizing Tax Planning

Harmonizing Tax Planning

Uncover Strategic Wealth-Building Opportunities

An important part of your journey is understanding your current tax profile to uncover tax planning opportunities. We'll learn your current tax profile to uncover tax planning opportunities for years to come. 

Tax-Planning Expertise

Our team creates custom scenarios to evaluate planning strategies – such as systematic Roth IRA conversions, tax-loss harvesting, and donor advised funds. This enables us to optimize your portfolio and plan for distributions long before you retire.

Investment Management Strategies for Every Life Phase

Investment Management Strategies for Every Life Phase

Our Innovative Approach

A key part of our strategy is to incorporate an innovative approach called Advanced Time Segmentation (ATS). It's based on the principle that different life phases require unique investment strategies, then anticipates your needs over time and tailors your strategy accordingly.

Why advanced Time Segmentation Works

Early in retirement you may have a higher risk tolerance and prefer to invest more aggressively, while in later years you may wish to focus more on capital preservation. By dividing your investments into distinct time segments, we can invest in a way that manages risk and taxes over time, while also meeting your needs through your Farpointe Journey.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Learn more about our comprehensive four-step process to start the Farpointe Journey to plan the comfortable retirement lifestyle you deserve.

Complimentary Introduction

Free of any obligation, we connect to understand your current situation, hear your dreams, and confirm that we should move to the next step.

Discovery Meeting

We will lead you through a goal-setting session, gather priorities and documents, and build your custom roadmap. We get to know your goals.

Charting the Course

We will discuss our recommendations and our approach to implementing them. This step includes advice on investment solutions.

Begin Your Journey

This step onboards you and your family as Farpointe Wealth clients. We'll be with you for every step of your Farpointe Journey.

Connect with us to find out more about how we can help guide your financial journey.

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